Message from the Rector

Dear Students,

First of all I would like to wish you all the best completing your final stage of secondary education and starting a new one at a university, which you are about to choose.

I am addressing those of you

  • who are interested in the issues of international relations, international politics, diplomacy and the challenges of the world economic, political, security and cultural development;
  • who would like to have an in-depth knowledge about functioning of government, local government and the European Union institutions as well as international organizations, and would like to be professionally prepared to work in these institutions;
  • who are interested in public relations procedures, techniques and practice, professional communication skills, professional presentations and marketing operations;
  • who would like to work in the business sphere, where you would specialize in international economic activities.

Our university focuses on these and other related areas and prepares its students to become highly-qualified professionals working in these particular areas of social and economic sphere of life.

You will find, or you may have already found, more information on professional focus of our university on the website.

Here, I would like to give you information, which can not be found on the website.

You will find out that the teaching at our university is in the hands of a professional team of highly-qualified lecturers, many of whom have worked at high posts in the Government or as diplomats. We create a friendly, welcoming and creative environment where every student receives personal treatment.

As we are a smaller institution this allows us to treat our students individually and to make use of specific forms of teaching, work experience opportunities and contacts with the professional sphere both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Dear Students, if you are deciding which university to apply to, and are interested in at least one of the above mentioned university focus areas, I would like to invite you to visit our university, to ask more questions about the study, and, of course, to study at the University of International and Public Relations.

Our university focuses in its study programme on issues such as the development of the Czech Republic, international relations and world economy. These are the issues of future.

I would be delighted to see that our students are joined by their new colleagues, who are as passionate as they are about their education, and I hope that may be you.

I wish you all the best completing your secondary education, moving on to a higher education level and choosing your professional path.

Doc. Ing. Judita Štouračová, CSc.
Rector of VŠMVV Praha