Department of Foreign Languages

Department’s Profile

The Department of Foreign Languages provides teaching of the first, second and third foreign language based on students’ study focus. The first students’ language is usually English, the second and third can be selected from the following offer: German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian. The second language can be studied at the level of the first foreign language and the students can take final Bachelor exam in that language.

At Bachelor’s programmes English is taught in all semesters, second foreign language in four semesters and the third in the last two semesters of Diplomacy and International Relations course. In the 5th and 6th semester the second foreign language can be studied in the form of optional professional conversation classes.

At Master’s programmes English is taught in the form of an elective professional conversation classes, the second foreign language is compulsory and it can be selected from the offer above. The department takes part in teaching specialized modules in English.

The teachers are experienced university lecturers, who often cooperate with other universities such as The Charles University, part time lecturers and native speakers. Many of them publish study materials especially for purposes of our university (German and French)

The Department participates in ERASMUS exchange programme (The Slovak Republic, Turkey and Denmark).