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Vysoká škola mezinárodních a veřejných vztahů Praha, o.p.s.

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Under Section 39 of the Act VŠ MVV Praha is a legal entity established in compliance with the Act On Non-governmental Non-profit Organizations as a non-governmental non-profit organization. It acts in its name in legal relationships concerning all its activities. VŠMVVP may establish organizational units and execute supplementary activities, which help the university accomplish its mission and maintain its economic sustainability.

VŠMVVP is a unique university in Central Europe, focusing on the education of future members of diplomatic missions and consulates, ministry and municipality employees, members of the media, PR departments and those working in the public sector, who have an immense responsibility.

The university was established in 2001 and it is located in Prague, near the Anděl crossroads. The university also has branche – in Bratislava. It is a home to more than one thousand students of various nationalities. Being the only university in Central Europe offering courses on Diplomacy and International Relations and Public Relations it attracts bright young students and outstanding lecturers who range from  historians, diplomats and experts on politics to communicators and members of the media.

The university study programme, which includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, follows the programme of the Secondary School of International and Public Relations (Střední odborná škola mezinárodních a veřejných vztahů) seated in Praha Michle (established in 1991). It also cooperates with a number of partner institutions, such as the Czech Institute of Advertising and Marketing Communication (ČIRMK), which provides the university with special vocational internship opportunities.

There are many famous personalities among the university’s graduates. The high quality and the focus of the study programme are reflected in the topics of final theses (the Bachelor theses and the Master theses) and the professional work of our lecturers (Publications).

You will find more about the university in the following sections:

If you are interested in studying at our university, we would recommend visiting a detailed section for applicants and also a section with information on study options in general. If you are not from Prague, find out more about study options at our branches closer to your home.

The Alumni programme for our graduates includes various offers to attend specialized lectures and a supplementary study programme.

Activities – You are more than welcome to explore our special projects and events, Partnerships and Cooperation section, the content of the ‘Pro a Proti’ magazine, activities under the international Erasmus programme and what has been written about us in the media.

If you want to visit us, please go to Open House section to find out more.


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